A special kind of tea called butter tea is drunk in central Asia. Bricks of tea made in China are broken down and decocted, then yak milk and salt are added and sometimes, according to the area, a little lime. This is then churned up, heated and drunk. In the temples of Tibet one can see the priests drinking butter tea as a nutritional supplement while undergoing religious training. Flour made from barley is also mixed with butter tea and taken as a snack. Also in South East Asia there is pickled tea which is known as edible tea. This is called mien in Thailand and lappeso in Myanmar. Tea leaves are tied in a bundle and steamed, and then sealed up and pickled. In about three weeks they ferment, making sour pickled tea. This is eaten with peanuts or garlic and so on. So we can see that a unique type of culture surrounding tea has developed in each part of the world.

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