Let us look at the basic actions that a guest needs to perform when entering a tea room to receive tea.
To enter the room he sits with his legs folded under him in front of the door, places his fan in front of him, opens the door, picks up his fan and edges his way into the room in a seated position, then goes to view the tokonoma (alcove) and the hanging scroll (Haiken). When doing this the fan is placed before him and he gives a slight bow before and after the viewing. When he walks inside the room he should do so quietly and he should take three steps every half a tatami.
Next he views the utensils that the host has taken so much care to put together.
When entering the tea room it is necessary to give bows and greetings to the guests with whom one is receiving tea and to the host at the appropriate times. In this way a peaceful feeling (a congenial closeness) is expressed by the guests towards the host and the other guests.

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