Works of art such as painting and sculpture can be seen in the great number of galleries across the country that answer the needs of art lovers and researchers. Most works of art are made to be appreciated by the people looking at them, whereas objects that are mainly for a practical purpose are called objects of craftwork. Tea utensils are not just to be appreciated but are made for use. Chanoyu art and craft objects, or tea utensils, are made to be used by tea lovers for preparing and drinking tea. They are for a practical purpose, whereas works of art are for aesthetic appreciation.
For example, the hanging scroll which is hung in the tea room's alcove clearly shows the main theme that the host has in mind for the tea gathering. He conveys the theme in a richer way for the guests by using a flower container, a powdered tea container, a tea bowl and a tea scoop that are also related to the theme. Rather than using a hanging scroll with a picture or calligraphy that have a uniquely superior quality as art, he uses one that is full of meaning and able to bring out the theme expressed by the other related utensils in a rich way. Works of art that are not only for appreciation, but are also for use can be called tea utensils.

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