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Omotesenke Domonkai Northern California Region
The Northern California Region was founded in 1970. We celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2010 with a gathering attended by the heir to the Omotesenke tradition. We are incorporated as a not for profit public benefit educational corporation and as such donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Events and Activities
Public Events for 2013

April 13, 2013 As part of the 46th annual Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival, Omotesenke Domonkai demonstrated the “Way of Tea” to the general public at 1830 Sutter St. next to Japan Town in San Francisco in four different sessions.

May 11, 2013 Domonkai volunteer members participated in a special “Mother’s Day” event at the Cantor Arts Center in Stanford University.

May 12, 2013 Domonkai volunteer members held Chanoyu demonstrations at Asakichi at the Japan Town in San Francisco.

June 2, 2013 Chakai and bazaar were held at the Nichibeikai. This was a new attempt to raise money for the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami recovery efforts.

July 6, 2013 Omotesenke Domonkai will demonstrate the Way of Tea in the small room, Muchuan, from 1pm and 2:30pm in two sessions at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum.

July 14, 2013 Domonkai volunteer members will hold Chanoyu demonstrations at Asakichi at the Japan Town in San Francisco.

August 23&24,2013 Domonkai volunteer members will hold Chanoyu demonstrations at Minamoto Kitchoan in downtown San Francisco.

October 27,2013 Omotesenke Domonkai will participate in the 13th Annual Hakone Daichakai tea gathering and serve thin tea as well as thick tea. Interested parties should consult the Hakone Gardens website for more information.

November 10,2013 “Robiraki Chakai” will be held at the Nichibeikai tea room, Kansoan, and the general public is invited.

Other Events
In addition to the activities listed above, there are many public and private events hosted by the members of our organization. We exist in part to support their endeavors to extend the practice of the Omotesenke Way of Tea but only official activities can be listed here.

Events for Members Only in 2013 - 2014
July 26~28, 2013 The annual seminars will be held at the Nichibeikai Kansoan for Kyojusha (Teachers) and Shikakusha (Instructors) and at Hotel Nikko for general members, followed by the annual general meeting and banquets.

September 15,2013 The annual memorial tea for the 7th Grand Master of the Omotesenke Way of Tea, Tennen-ki.

January 12, 2014 The first event of the New Year, Hatsugama Chakai (first kettle) will be held and all members will gather to greet the new year and enjoy thick tea, lunch boxes and lottery.

March 16, 2014 Rikyu-ki, our memorial tea for Sen Rikyu, the founder of Omotesenke, will be held.

About becoming a member of the Northern California Region
If you wish to learn the Omotesenke way of tea, we will be happy to help you find a teacher. If you are already an Omotesenke student, you can join the Northern California Region of Omotesenke Domonkai through one of our teachers or by contacting our office.

Contacting the Northern California Region
Please address your inquiries regarding introduction to a place to practice Tea, applications to events, and membership in the Northern California Region to the following:
Please understand that the office staff can only answer administrative questions. Questions about tea procedures etc. should be directed to your teacher. Questions about matters involving the head office, grand master, or anything else about Omotesenke should be directed to the head office in Kyoto.

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