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Chanoyu, which attained greatness under Rikyu, has been handed down for over 400 years at Omotesenke's Fushin'an. Fushin'an is the name of the tea room that was run by Rikyu and which has been inherited by the successive Iemotos since then. Fushin'an refers not only to the Senke residence but to the whole organization. It is also one of the Iemoto Sen Sosa's names.

This tradition is not just the inheritance of a form, but is a searching for the right way to be within the context of history. New life is breathed into it as it adapts to each period, so it is a living culture that has been handed down.

Chanoyu is 'a communication of the minds of host and guests through the enjoyment of delicious tea together'. There is great significance in this.

We tea devotees learn this traditional spirit through daily practice and look for ways to bring it to life in the way we live now.This home page has been created as one way of letting you know about Omotesenke chanoyu.

We will be happy if it gives you a deeper interest in chanoyu.

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